Hummus Bar & Grill

Here at Hummus Bar & Grill, we are committed to offering generous portions at a very fair price, bringing healthy and hearty Middle Eastern specialties to the Los Angeles area.

Located at 18743 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana, Hummus Bar & Grill is a unique culinary experience fusing Middle Eastern and Israeli specialties with a welcoming, hospitable approach. Start your journey into the uniquely cultural foods of this region with our popular Hummus with Mushrooms or Hummus with Tahini, complemented by our hot and fresh Laffa Bread guaranteed to melt in your mouth with its soft textures.

More About Us!

Customers continue returning to Hummus Bar & Grill for our classic fare like Schnitzel, Shawarma and Beef Jula Kabob with mashed potatoes, cucumber and tomato salads and talked-about hand-cut French Fries as sides. For the larger appetite or groups we offer a Jerusalem Mix with tons of meats and vegetables to try and a falafel plate. Whether it’s our Babaganoush, Beef Meatballs atop a heap of green tahini or Israeli Salad, nearly every Middle Eastern craving can be satisfied at Hummus Bar & Grill.

Salads that are fresh, flavorful and perfect for dipping. Romanian Kabob with rice and red cabbage so delicious it has almost become a staple amongst Middle Eastern cuisine aficionados. Rib-Eye Skewers that are so succulent, the meat falls off the stick…these are just some of the many treats awaiting you when you visit Hummus Bar & Grill. Not to mention the yummy hummus, perfectly spiced skewers, warm breads and fresh salads…

The Middle Eastern dining experience has never been like this. Find out why so many people are talking about Hummus Bar & Grill as the spot in L.A. for authentic Middle Eastern and Israeli specialties. You can also take a tour of the Hummus Bar Factory, an experience that further expand upon the popularity of the Hummus Bar & Grill approach.